Currently, environmental problems and the state of the planet remind us that it is time to act.

Responsible production and consumption

We support brands that tell us different stories, love design and are committed to producing in a way that respects the environment and people, that have ethical manufacturing and local and voluntarily limited production. Their products are manufactured in some cases in small quantities. In this way you can explain the delivery times of your orders in some of our products.

We give preference to brands committed to sustainability and that use environmentally responsible materials (organic cotton, recycled plastic or polyester, wood from sustainable forests, dyes, tanning and natural ingredients, etc.).

We want to minimize our environmental impact, for this reason, we look for a production that is respectful with the environment, and we try to avoid those products produced and stored unnecessarily, which have required a lot of energy from humans and the planet, for this reason our loft brand in SoHo makes much of its items on demand. This allows us to reduce costs, such as storage, but also allows us to offer a more exclusive and personalized product.